Trade Supply

Here at Smoke on the Waters we have been trading & catering at events, festivals & food markets all over the UK for well over a decade. We know, first hand, how much work is involved & all of the challenges that face restaurants, cafes, pubs, caterers & traders.

We offer a full ‘back kitchen’ service supplying our high quality, farm raised smoked meats to trade customers all over the country. Saving them vital space, time, labour, stress & worry.

We carefully smoke all of our meats over oak & charcoal, here at the Smokehouse, then pull, vac pack & freeze in 2kg bags. This means no mess, no waste, just 100% useable product ready to heat & serve. Fast reheat times, without needing to use stock unless its actually needed, cuts waste right down & helps keep profits up!

When customers properly calculate what they can lose in offcuts, skin, bone & fat etc, as well as losses during the cooking process (often anywhere between 30-50%) they often realise just what good value our service represents. That’s before they even begin to factor in the labour costs, time, space & other difficulties in actually getting the meats to the prepared & ready to use stage.

Pulled Pork, Chicken, Beef and Lamb are all available for Loaded Fries, Pulled Meat Rolls, Tacos, Rice boxes, Loaded Baked Potatoes, BBQ trays, Quesadillas and Pizza Toppings. Our seasoned meats can be transformed into a whole range of offerings just by adding different sauces & accompaniments, meaning even one single type of meat can create numerous menu items.

We also offer authentic and delicious full packer Brisket Pastrami to order. We brine cure for two weeks, smoke & pack before freezing. This leaves this amazing product ready to simply steam and slice for service. Its always a favourite on any menu!

Custom specification meats & seasoning mixes can all be used to meet your exact requirements if necessary. The whole service is all fully confidential & we do not share any customer information with anyone. It’s entirely up too you if you want to tell people you work with us!

Ultimately we can help our customers focus on sales volumes, reduce labour concerns and do this with real, authentic, expertly smoked barbecue meats. No short cuts in quality!

Please get in touch at for an up to date trade price list or to discuss how we may be able to help. Whether it’s for a one off big event or regular supply, we can help you trade better!