New British BBQ


Our unique ‘New British BBQ’ menu dining nights are held on the first Saturday night of every other month, to alternate with the ‘Smokehouse’ menu dining nights. You have the whole evening with us, so no need to hurry, just relax and enjoy your night.

Select your preferred dates, seat numbers & all of your food choices here to book. Booking early recommended as spaces are limited.

Drinks can be purchased on the night. A selection of appetisers are also provided to your table to start of the evening, free of charge.

If you have any questions about the menus please contact us at:

Beef Main

  • Oxtail & Marrow Ragu, Cauliflower cream, Crisped Onion

  • Grilled Aged Steak, Fennel salad, Roasted Potato dice

  • Smoked Cheek Ravioli, Roasted Tomato sauce, Herbs

  • Spiced Confit Brisket, Celeriac cream, Pickled Carrot

  • Treacled Shin, Parmesan Polenta, Roasted Onion

Poultry & Fowl Main

  • Smoked Confit Duck, Parsnip puree, Grilled cabbage

  • Spiced Grilled Chicken half, Squash, Herb Maftoul

  • Champagne Fried Guinea Fowl, Grilled cabbage, Pumpkin

  • Salted Lemon Chicken, Mustard Potato, Herb Greens

  • Duck Breast, Beetroot, Pea

Meat Free Main

  • Charred Squash Ragu, Grilled Wild Mushroom, Polenta

  • Salt Roasted Beetroot, Herb Cream, Pumpkin Puree

  • Fire Roasted Vegetable Parmigiana, Herb Salad

  • Spiced XObergine, Creamed Fennel, Leaves

  • Fire Roasted Squash, Walnut & Mushroom Cream, Herbs

Lamb Main

  • Hay Smoked Chops, Spiced arancini, Mint salad

  • Barbacoa filled Rescoldo Pumpkin, Herb Salad

  • Loin in Mustard Dukkah crust, Creamed celeriac, Caramelised Onion

  • Pastrami of Lamb leg, Creamed & Roasted roots

  • Spiced Neck Fillet, Rescoldo Squash, Grilled Leaves

Pork Main

  • Crisp Spiced Belly, Celeriac Pave, Greens

  • Citrus Tenderloin, Herb Caramel, Creamed Cauliflower

  • Smoked Loin in Spiced crust, Squash, Plums

  • Porchetta, Fennel, Salsa Verde

  • Spiced Ham Shank, Yellow Peas, Mustard

Game Main

  • Smoked Pheasant Ravioli, Courgette, Herb cream

  • Fire Roasted PX Partridge, Pickled fruits, Polenta

  • Spiced grilled Quail, Raisin risotto, Greens

  • Chocolate & Mustard Rabbit, Creamed Potato, Glazed Carrot

  • Smoked Venision mole, Blackberries, Sour Cream