We have all seen a lot of those typical fundraiser kickstarter type schemes, where people are asked to give money to a business to help it launch, buy kit, expand, etc.

Instead, to celebrate our own startup, we wanted to turn the whole concept on its head!

We thought it would be great to give something back to the people who have made our business what it is. So we have decided that our Launch will include a load of half price offers so that folks who book in advance effectively double their money! 

This limited stock launch menu of merchandise, dining & event hire options has limited availability & will close on the 31st of July. 

We hope this way of us giving back to you will serve as a great way to say a big ‘Thank You!’

All Dining Vouchers are valid for use indefinitely. Event & Venue Hire dates & catering options can be agreed prior to purchase. Merch purchases will be sent out in August 2021.

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